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On April 23, 2020 “Amos And I” received The Authors Zone’s “TAZ Award” 1st Place in inspiration and self help. Congratulations Doreen!

Book Description:

“One of the toughest things a child experiences is to live disconnected or estranged from his or her father.”  ~Doreen L. Upshaw

It was 4:00 AM, a time when most of the world was sleeping. Not me, my thoughts of times since a little girl, a searching teenager, a young lady, a young adult, and now a grown woman were being written on paper to form the realization of just how important it was to have my father in my life. A story I felt proud of, and yet struggled to write for more than ten years. How do I take all that was good and flawed about him and turn it into something honorable.

In Amos and I, Doreen shares the wisdom of her father’s story with honesty, love and yes, honor. She takes you along on their family’s journey from their small apartment in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, through her father’s death, and along her life discovery as she began seeing how his contributions as a father made her more self aware.

“My mother was everything I could have wanted in a mother, but she was limited: she could never have been my father.” ~Doreen L. Upshaw

Author Bio:

“Writers write that’s what they do!” says accomplished professional Doreen L. Upshaw. Since age twelve, Doreen has enjoyed using her writing ability, unique storytelling and vocal style, along with her theatrical gifts to convey and connect people to the honesty of her story and experiences. As a mother, speaker, friend and advocate for fatherhood. Doreen loves to make people think. As a leader and professional, Doreen has served in the military, has an educational background and degrees in; Early childhood education and family development, Community Ministry and Professional Counseling. Doreen has devoted her career to giving direction and oversight to many youth and family oriented programs for the betterment of her community.

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