Fathers Matter!

My vision in starting a Facebook group is to support fathers and father figures in their fatherhood journey. However, my passion is to encourage any father who is not in his children’s life to begin again. You matter!

YOU MATTER! You matter so much! I want fathers to see their value to their children. I want mothers, whether in relationship with the father of their children or not, to see the value of having a father or father figure in their children’s lives. I have no idea what it takes to be a father. My passion comes from my experience as a daughter. Having my father in my life showed me how vitally important he was to me. To every man out there who knows he is a father.

To the absent or estranged father, my hope is that you will see the value of being in your child’s life and that you will use the contents of this group to encourage you forward to begin again. My hope is that you will decide to take the step toward developing a relationship with your child. That you will rethink your position in your child’s life, and that you will see the uniqueness and value of your contribution.

To the father who is present, my hope is that you will see the good, the wisdom and the triumph in living out your life with your children. What you give to them cannot be given by anyone else!

I’d love for you to join us! Fathers Matter!


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