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“I find it hard to imagine trying to navigate life without someone willing to travel beyond the surface of behavior and emotion with me.” -Doreen L. Upshaw

Hello my name is Doreen and welcome to the independent services page for Compass Counseling & Support Services (CCSS)! 
I’ve been talking to people intimately for most of my life. I take very seriously the things that people experience and feel below the surface of their being, the places we can’t see. Why? Because that’s where the healing begins. Healing doesn’t happen on its own, you have to give it a voice. You have to speak it out loud and there’s no better way to do that than with a trusted, honest, caring and understanding person who will listen. Which is exactly why I created CCSS.
I love people and I wanted to be more than a listener. I wanted to have professional resources and tools that would best serve those entrusted to speak with me, as they processed through life. I know first hand how comforting it can be to have someone there to listen and help you navigate through those tough life circumstances.
I’d be honored to talk with you about scheduling a low cost counseling intake consultation through CCSS. My areas of confidential counseling concentration are: individual, marriage, family, and children Play and Art Therapy (Adults can also participate in Art Therapy.
It is also my passion to see fathers reconnected to their children, so my services and resources: Fathers Matter (Social Media page), our bi-monthly Father Forumand INvolved (Fatherhood support program) are here to help them in their pursuit.
I believe you have everything you need inside you, all you need is someone to encourage and support you as you set goals and move toward them. Let us help you navigate life.
Thank you for stopping by.

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